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V - Vegetarian Option Available


The Mandarin Starter

A combination platter of our best starters which hasn’t changed since 1961.

Minced prawn toast, spring rolls, battered king prawns, chicken satay skewers, spare ribs and seaweed.

  £8.50 per person 

Aromatic Crispy Duck

Prepared in-house using our age-old three-day method, served with sliced cucumber, spring leek, hoisin sauce and pancakes.

Quarter  £13.00  Half  £24.00 

Mrs. Wan’s pot stickers

The dumpling is filled with minced pork, prawns and Chinese chives, steamed and then shallow fried, served with ginger vinegar. (20 min)

Standard  £6.50 

Chicken lettuce wrap  V

(for two to share) Stir fried diced chicken, cashew nuts, straw mushrooms, water chestnuts and carrots, served with iceberg lettuce for wrapping.

Standard  £11.90  Vegetarian  £8.90 

The Emperor starter

Minced prawn toast,spring rolls, chicken satay skewers, spare ribs and seaweed.

Per Person  £7.50 

Steamed whole scallop in shell

Two king scallops steamed with garlic, ginger and spring onion on a bed of glass noodle, dressed with mandarin soy sauce. These scallops are sustainably rope grown from isle of man.


Deep fried squid

(Fresh lime & sweet and sour sauce) Slices of fresh squid lightly coated with egg, light potato flour and deep fried.

  £6.25  Add salt & chilli  £1.00 

Satay chicken on skewers

Barbecued chicken on three skewers coated with our own blend satay peanut sauce.


Barbecued spare ribs

Marinated overnight, slow cooked then oven finished spare ribs glazed with sweet barbecue sauce


Salt and chilli ribs

Marinated meaty ribs stir fried with onions, peppers, dry and fresh chilli, spring onion and lots of garlic.


Crispy sweet & chilli chicken wings

These are no ordinary chicken wings ;) marinated overnight with 5 spice, ginger, aniseed and Shaohsing wine, then fried with spring onion, green peppers, chillies, honey and sesame seeds.


Prawn toast

Our prawn toast is made with 100% minced Indian Ocean tiger prawn on toast, coated with white and smoked sesame seeds and nothing else.


Steak roll in black pepper sauce

Pauline’s favourite starter! Two Steak rolls stuffed with fried onion, pepper and coriander, pan fried and dressed with our nose tingling black pepper sauce.


Crispy seaweed with fish crumbs


Vegetable spring rolls  V

(3 rolls) Filled with crispy Cantonese vegetable, wood ear mushroom and glass noodle.


Tempura salt and chilli soft shell crab

Soft shell crab is simply blue crabs in molting state, so you eat the whole thing and they are so tasty! Fried soft shell crab Tempura style with onion, peppers, dry and fresh chilli, spring onion and lots of garlic.


Mushroom in garlic or oyster sauce  V

Halved mushrooms stir fried with onions and garlic.



Wanton clear soup


Chicken and sweetcorn soup


Crab meat and sweetcorn soup


Hot and sour soup


Chicken and straw mushroom clear soup


Chicken noodle clear soup


Vegetable and mushroom clear soup  V


Main Courses

Szechuan  V

The Mandarin’s blow your socks off unique recipe, a stir-fried combination of yellow bean paste, Thai chilli sauce, green peppers, onions, pickled cabbage and fresh chilli, served in a clay pot.

Chicken  £9.50  Beef  £10.50  King Prawn  £13.90  Duck  £13.50  Aubergine & Tofu  £9.90  Aubergine & minced pork  £9.90 

Kung Pao

An absolute Chinese classic but with a recipe unique to us, spicier and more intense. Wok fried slices of chicken or whole king prawn laced with fresh and dried chillies, spring onions, cashew nuts, onions and bamboo shoots.

Chicken  £10.90  King Prawn  £14.50 

Chow Mein  V

A bed of egg noodles, bean sprouts and onions, layered with seasonal greens in rich oyster sauce.

Special  £14.90  Chicken  £11.90  Beef  £12.90  Seafood  £18.90  Vegetable & Tofu  £10.90 

Satay  V

Our satay paste has an intense flavour, thanks to the extra turmeric, peanut butter, chilli oil, dried scallop and shrimp pesto.

Chicken  £9.50  Beef  £10.50  King Prawn  £13.90  Seafood  £16.90  Vegetable  £7.00 

Gu Loh  V

This authentic Chinese sauce recipe has been handed down from chef to chef since 1961 when the mandarin first opened, the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness makes it the most popular dish here.

Chicken  £8.50  Vegetable & Tofu  £8.50  King Prawn  £13.90 

Curry  V

14 spices in our curry! Here it goes, orange peel, onions, carrots, ‘Tsi Tin’ chilli, garlic, cinnamon, lemon grass, Indian curry powder, Malaysian curry powder, celery, apple, bay-leaves, coconut cream and leeks.

Chicken  £8.00  Beef  £9.50  King Prawn  £12.90  Special  £11.90  Vegetable & Tofu  £8.00 

Se Choi  V

Seasonal greens delivered freshly from Manchester Smithfield market daily, stir-fried in oyster sauce. A delicate, light and healthy dish.

Chicken  £9.40  Beef  £10.90  King Prawn  £13.90  Scallop  £18.90  Trio Mushroom  £9.40 

War Char chicken

A whole breast of crispy chicken, dressed with ginger and garlic sauce.


Ju Yim  V

Dry tossed spice of pepper,garlic and fresh chilli. vegetarians take note here, we have worked on this recipe for ages and finally came up with a secret coating to make the Tofu version so yummy! It will be the best salt and chilli tofu you ever tasted!

Chicken  £8.50  King Prawn  £13.90  Squid  £11.50  Scallop  £16.90  Tofu  £8.50 (highly recommended) 

Si Ju  V

Stir fried Green pepper with black bean sauce, garlic and fresh chilli.

Chicken  £8.00  Beef  £9.50  Roast Pork  £9.00  King Prawn  £13.90  Tofu  £8.50  Duck  £14.90 

Dan Dan Noodle

(with dried scallop and shrimp pesto) Combining shredded duck with onions, brandy and pesto, bean sprouts, thick Udon noodles and soy sauce to produce this wholesome dish.


Nasi Goreng

Spicy Singapore fried rice mixed with roast pork and prawns,
topped with a free range fried egg. Served with extra peanuts,
chilli, satay paste and lemon.



Very fine rice noodles fried with prawns, roast pork, green peppers, onion, curry paste and fresh chilli, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Side Order  £5.80  Large  £11.90 

Wonton Noodle Soup

The perfect trio combo of Chinese barbecued pork (Char Sui), dumpling filled with minced pork and prawn in a bed of rice noodle all cooked in a fragrant clear broth. Delicious and healthy, all in one big bowl! (Change to Ramen noodle for £1 extra)



Gon Sui

Our signature dish! Strips of prime fillet, lightly coated and fried with egg and potato flour, then stir fried with onions, cucumber, fresh chilli and sweet chilli sauce. This is mouth-wateringly good!

Chicken  £9.50  Beef  £11.90 

Twice cooked Pork

The most famous dish from Szechuan. Thin slices of marinated and stewed pork belly (think pancetta, with a full rim of fat), stir-fried with chunks of spring leek, red chilli, green pepper and onion in Chilli oil. This is worth giving up your diet for!


Zesty Lemon Chicken

Ok, we know you’ve seen this on every Chinese restaurants’ menu. A whole breast of crispy chicken dressed with lemon sauce, but this Mandarin lemon sauce has got the extra Blackpool touch, Alcohol! Limoncello and Vodka!


Huan Sui Fish and Tofu Stew

We grew up with this classic Canton dish, chunks of seasoned fish (coley, monk or cobbler dependent on season), tofu and roast pork, a great combination of Cantonese delight stir fried and then stewed with spring onion in oyster sauce. If you want a true taste of China, we beg you to try this.


Sizzling Dishes

Fried chicken with ginger and spring onion


Fried beef with ginger and spring onion


Chicken Cantonese style


Fillet steak Cantonese style


King prawn with rich garlic sauce


King prawn with ginger and spring onion


Scallop with rich garlic sauce


Scallop with ginger and spring onion


Roast duck with green pepper and black bean sauce


Mini fillet steak in black pepper sauce


Side Dishes

Steamed rice  V


Egg fried rice  V


Steamed fragrant rice with sesame oil and coriander  V


Special fried rice

Small  £4.50  Large  £7.50 

Fried soft noodle with bean sprout and onions  V


Mushroom fried rice  V


Stir-fried mixed vegetables  V


Stir-fried seasonal greens in garlic or oyster sauce  V


Prawn crackers

Served with sweet and sour and honey and garlic dips.


Chips  V


Salt and Chilli Chips  V


Fried rice with Chinese salami


Additional Information

Nut Allergy

We can not guarantee that all our dishes are 100% free from nuts or their derivatives, and our menu descriptions do not contain all ingredients so please ask a member of staff before ordering if you have any particular allergy requirements.

Gluten Allergy & Coeliac

Most of our dishes are gluten free, as we use potato flour instead of wheat flour for our cooking. As we do not cook anything in advance we can omit soy sauce in our cooking. For more information please ask a member of our staff before you order.

"The only 3 ingredients in my food are Quality, Time and Experience"

Pauline Lai, Owner of Michael Wan's Mandarin

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