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Additional Information

Nut Allergy

We cannot guarantee that all our dishes are 100% free from nuts or their derivatives, and our menu descriptions do not contain all ingredients so please ask a member of staff before ordering if you have any particular allergy requirements.

Gluten Allergy & Coeliac

Many of our dishes are gluten free, as we use potato flour instead of wheat flour for a lot of our cooking. As we do not cook anything in advance we also have the option to use gluten-free soy sauce or even omit soy sauce completely from your dish if required.

For more information and to request these changes, please either call the restaurant in advance or speak to a member of our staff before you order and make us aware of your requirements.

Please note, whilst we can omit gluten from the ingredients we cook with, we cannot guarantee that the dish will be 100% free from gluten or its derivatives, if you have a severe allergy please call the restaurant to discuss prior to your arrival to ensure we can cater for you as well as possible.